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Financial Management

The choice of the right financial professional is not a simple one. It could be the most significant investment decision a person will make in their lifetime. Here at Access Financial Management, LLC our main objective is to help provide our clients financial security today and far into the future. We conduct an in-depth evaluation of their financial profile in order to create a structured plan based on saving and investing. Our client’s financial goals will always dictate which financial instruments we will implement in order to obtain financial success. We help our clients maximize their financial efforts with a well-organized plan and continue to provide details and recommendations throughout their relationship with us.

At Access Financial Management, LLC we take the time to get to know our clients, their financial situation, financial goals and risk tolerance. When someone decides to work with us, they should expect to receive these services:

Personal attention: We take the time to go through a full interview - asking questions to get to know your entire financial situation, risk tolerance and goals before setting up a customized financial plan.

Help develop an asset allocation strategy: Once we determine your risk tolerance, we help you allocate your money based on a mix of asset classes with varying degrees of risk that fit your time horizon and comfort level.

Advice on specific investments that match your goals: When our clients are comfortable with their financial plan and have determined an asset allocation strategy, we then make specific recommendations on the types of mutual funds and securities that will best meet their needs. We also provide research supporting our recommendations.

Answers to your financial questions: If the markets become volatile, we are available to help you understand the reasons behind the instability. If you hear of an interesting investment opportunity or a new stock offering, we have the knowledge to research and investigate these opportunities and to help you decide if they fit into your overall plan.

Proactive management of your account: We also bring investment opportunities to our clients attention based on detailed knowledge of their financial plan and goals. Furthermore, we help them manage their expectations by explaining the rewards and risks of any investment.

Ongoing, regular check-ups: We call on a regular basis to see if a client’s financial situation has changed. If they’ve gotten married, switched jobs had a child or purchased a home, their financial plan may need to be adjusted to account for these changes.

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